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Company Office Company, Director, Shareholder, Banned Directors & Manager Search

Updated Frequency: Constant

Website Address:
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Contact Name: Companies Office

Contact Phone: 0508 Companies (0508 266 726)

Contact Email Address:

Instant Access: No
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License: Restrictive
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Free: Yes
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Download Here:

The Companies Office provides access to the register via a SOAP API. There is no download of the entire Companies Office dataset but searches are available via the API. Searching and accessing the data is free however performing transactions against the database incurs a small fee.

Company search (using current or previous name)

  • Company details – FREE
  • Former directors and historic addresses FREE
  • Charges – PPSR $NZ1
  • Documents FREE

Director, shareholder or address search

  • Quick search FREE
  • Standard search FREE
  • Banned directors & manager search FREE

Registration services

  • Reserve a company name $NZ10
  • Incorporate a company $NZ150
  • Purchase draft constitution POA
  • Update director, share parcel or company address details - FREE
  • Change company name - FREE
  • Amend constitution - FREE
  • Change company key - FREE
  • Receivership and liquidation management - FREE

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