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Personal Property Securities Register

Updated Frequency: Constant

Website Address:
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Contact Name: Personal Property Securities Register

Contact Phone: 0508 PPSR INFO (0508 777 746)

Contact Email Address:

Instant Access: No
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License: Restrictive
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Free: No
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Download Here:

The Personal Property Securities Register provides access to the register via a SOAP API. There is no download of the entire dataset but searches are available via the API. Searching and accessing the data generally incurs a fee:

Search services

  • Search for registered security interests
  • Debtor person or Debtor organisation search $NZ1
  • Motor vehicle serial number search $NZ1
  • Aircraft serial number search $NZ1
  • Financing statement registration number search $NZ1

Registration services

  • Create financing statement $NZ3

Maintain registered financing statements

  • Renew $NZ3

Amend or discharge – FREE

  • Subordinate or un-subordinate

Pending financing statements (not yet registered)

  • Select, list or view pending financing statements

Secured parties – FREE

  • Create or maintain secured party group (SPG)
  • Transfer financing statement
  • View financing statement details

Financing statement change demand – FREE

  • Lodge, accept or withdraw change demand
  • View change demand – either by secured party or registration number

Miscellaneous – FREE

  • Change currently assigned secured party group
  • Maintain user web preferences
  • Change financing statement PIN or debtor PIN
  • Registered financing statement report

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