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Data tables for Electricity

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The following tables show the data collected for each quarter in relation to electricity.

Table 1: Net Electricity Generation by Fuel Type (GWh)
Table 2: Net Electricity Generation by Fuel Type (PJ)
Table 3: Estimated Generation by Fuel Type for 2007 (MWh)
Table 4: Information on Current Generating Plants (10 MW or Greater)
Table 5: Estimated Generating Capacity by Fuel Type for 2007 (MW)
Table 6: Information on Possible Future Plant Changes (10 MW or Greater)
Table 7: Transmission and Distribution Network Statistics for the 2007 March Year
Table 8: Electricity Consumption by the Residential Sector
Table 9: Electricity Consumption by the Commercial Sector
Table 10: Electricity Consumption by the Industrial Sector
Table 11: Electricity Consumption by All Sectors
Table 12: Electricity End Use

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