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Electricity Commission Centralised Dataset

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The Electricity Commission is required to establish, maintain, and publish a Centralised Dataset (CDS) under Part F of the Electricity Governance Rules.

The purpose of the Centralised Dataset is to support efficient planning processes by ensuring the collection and maintenance of historical information required to make decisions on transmission and transmission alternatives.

The Centralised Dataset includes:

Half – Hourly Data
Meter data

HVDC flows
Active power by grid exit point
Reactive power by grid exit point
Generation by grid injection point
Bids and offers


Final prices
Binding constraints

Hydrology data
Historic hydro inflows (New Spectra Update to end of June 2008 now available)

Historic lake levels (new report)

Network configuration data
Transmission network
System load flow models
Line diagrams
Circuit breaker information
Circuit breaker ratings
Bus fault levels

The Commission will maintain a register of recipients of the Centralised Dataset. The Commission requires this information to:

Inform you of any future updates to the CDS
Record recipients of the CDS due to the sensitive nature and copyright status of some of the material.
Archived Centralised Dataset documents

Web interface

Casual users may prefer the Web Interface to the CDS. The Web Interface allows users to access summarised half-hourly data from the CDS with a simple query tool. It is free and does not require registration.

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