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Auckland Google Transit Feed

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The Google Transit Feed fore Auckland lists all of the public transport information for Auckland. Make sure you read the license agreement before using this in your applications.



Metlink Google Transit Feed

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Metlink (Wellington’s Transport Agency) publishes the schedule in Google Transit Format.

The information contained within the Google Transit Feed (GTF) has been compiled in good faith from sources that are believed to be reliable.  However, users of the GTF are advised that unless required by law, Greater Wellington does not accept any responsibility or liability for any action taken or omission made as a result of reliance placed on Greater Wellington because of having used the GTF.

Greater Wellington reserve the right to discontinue the publication of the Google transit feed and/or to modify the url of the feed without notice.  Greater Wellington will not be liable for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the service.

Motor Vehicle Registration Statistics

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The NZ Transport Agency produces a wide range of statistics on motor vehicles registered in New Zealand, including information on makes, models, vehicle types, domiciles, weights, cc ratings, motive power and many other categories.

From the Website:

“Our information analysts can also provide more up-to-date, specific data on a monthly basis. A fee of $56.25 (inc GST) is payable for a 12 month subscription for each standard report – see a list of commonly requested tables below.”

NZTA InfoConnect Highway Info Data

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Highway Info provides state highway road and traffic information, limited webcam coverage in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, planned road works,unplanned road closures and delays e.g. crashes, events and parades, maps, 0800 infoline details, and holiday traffic information.

Unfortunately most of the information for developers is hidden behind a registration screen.